Mission in Britain Fund


Many thanks to SPA for their contribution through the pew envelopes to this fund.  £62 was raised.  The Lansdowne Crescent and Upper Welland envelopes were not distributed until March 15th and as of writing this, I’ve not received any donations/pew envelopes that were made that day.  As the churches are now closed for services until further notice due to Covid-19 collection of these is obviously interrupted.  It is hoped that when services resume the envelopes can again be distributed.  Because of you the

Mission in Britain Fund will fund more...

  • Mission-related work taking action against poverty and injustice.
  • Mission opportunities at Methodist heritage sites.
  • Chaplaincy in rural and urban areas.
  • Use of church properties in imaginative ways.
  • Sharing the gospel with people of all ages.

Mary Wetherall