Malvern Schools Mission Week

2020 marks 20 years of Malvern Schools Mission Week happening, and it’s been quite a journey over that time.  We really want to be able to mark the passing of that time and to celebrate two decades of faithful ministry to our secondary schools.

However, it’s also important to note the shift of the nature of youth ministry in the town.  For a number of years churches across Malvern faithfully gave in prayer and finance (as well as hospitality) towards supporting the week of activities.  In recent years this has morphed into supporting the Youth Link and Dyson Perrins Chaplaincy projects, which thereby supported working with young people across the town.  And finally in our current ‘iteration’ local churches have responded to the needs of young people across Malvern by putting finances into employing workers for Children and Young People in the town.  In the last 18-24 months we’ve seen a shift from no employed staff to 5 Church-employed staff who work with Children and Young People.

As a result of this, we’ve seen increased regular activity in our schools.  Limitless have created a weekly space on Tuesday in Dyson Perrins.  Young people from St. Andrew’s, MEC and others have pioneered a Christian Union at the Chase, and the same at Malvern St. James.  This includes the recent Youth Alpha at the Chase, which had over 50 young people attending a weekly session.  We’ve also had the monthly ‘Youth Church’, a development of Youth Link, which has seen young people from 7+ churches in the town gather on the third Sunday of every month.  Indeed on 15th December we had over 50 young people from across those churches (plus a couple from the Youth Alpha) gather at St. Andrew’s for a Christmas meal.

This, I believe, is the fruit of both the faithful work of 20 years of Malvern Schools Mission Week, and the continued sacrificial decisions of Churches across Malvern to support in both prayer and finances working with young people.  Therefore in 2020 we would like to build on this.  We would like to continue serving our local secondary schools with a week full of faith-based activities, and in particular to do so as Churches united together.

The event this year will take place during the week of 31st March – 3rd April which is the final week before the Easter Holidays.  And we’re really hoping to be able to do activities throughout engaging with the message of Easter.  So do please consider what your church may be willing to contribute.  We can then begin to build, and communicate, a wider picture of what the week will look like!

Michael ‘Eddy’ Edwards

Youth Ministry Leader at

St. Andrew’s and Saints