Lansdowne February Calendar

Sunday Services

Feb.    3rd    10.30 am     Mrs. Christine Stringer

                    4.00 pm     Café Church:  Rev. Nigel Coke-Woods

         10th    10.30 am     Rev. Nigel Coke-Woods:  Holy Communion

                    6.30 pm     Miss Lois Green

         17th    10.30 am     Mr. Alex Laird

                    6.30 pm     Rev. Nigel Coke-Woods:  Holy Communion

         24th    10.30 am     Mr. John Rogers

                    6.30 pm     Rev. Gary Molver


Tuesday Afternoon Fellowship

Feb.    5th     NO MEETING

         12th     Women’s World Day of Prayer:  C. Merriman & M. Wetherall

         19th     NO MEETING

         26th     Members’ Afternoon – Hobbies and Handicrafts




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